A Lifetime Investment Opportunity

We no longer have any investment shares available.

As we get closer to wrapping up SynamicD, we came up with a very simple way to gain quick access to additional funds, which will help guarantee our success, while at the same time providing a lifetime opportunity for those involved. We call it Investment Shares. We have established a sturdy financial plan since day 1, and after some careful consideration, we can use some help to get things jump-started right from release. Below we explain our financial plan and talk about this amazing opportunity. This is an investment opportunity of a lifetime, limited to 20 shares.


What is SynamicD?

SynamicD is a new and improved remake of With Authority!.

With Authority! was a very popular online collectible card game. "The game was primarily geared towards the online multiplayer game, where as many as 1,000 people were available at any given time during the game's height." (wikipedia). Even after 10 years, former members of the WA! community still have a passion for the game, and currently still play the Peer 2 Peer version on WAp2p. SD Solutions has joined forces with WAp2p to re-create an amazing game which is still loved, and was played by thousands of people during it's run.

SynamicD Financial Plan

Synamicd's financial plan is designed with one idea... Growth. Our goal is to constantly grow, and never stop advertising.

A 15% of all income will go directly to advertisement. We are strong believers in spending money to make money, which is why a constant 15% will be targeted towards ad campaigns at all times. Click here for more on our advertising goals & ideas.

Below we explain the basic purpose of each portion of our entire income pie.


This account will be used to pay company bills, such as internet, utility, or any other bills that are used by the business.
This account will also be used to purchase equipment for staff if needed, and pay non-payroll staff who have paid positions.


Payroll is Administrator payment based on roles in SynamicD.
Payrolls will be paid on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Investment Shares

Investment Shares will be sold for a flat rate from SynamicD. Share holders are entitled to 5% of this portion per owned share.
This is a 6 month based account, so payments to shareholders will be made every 6 months.

Sponsorship & Growth Partners

Sponsors & Growth Partners will be a huge part of Marketing & Advertising, and will earn their share of the profits which will be paid out in the end of every month.


The advertising funds will be used strictly for paid advertising with the purpose of keeping new members flowing in at all times. We will be setting up ad campaigns. Admins and staff who get involved in these campaigns will be rewarded through a commission system.


Savings will present itself to be a very rewarding account as this business grows, especially in the future. It will always be considered an emergency account, but with some goals set, which will be beneficial for Payroll & Investment parties.

The account will not have any activity at all until it reaches a balance of at least $1,000.
Once that happens, every 6 months we will enroll 75% of the whole entire Savings balance including profits generated by the CD.

On March 15th, mid USA Tax-season, All the profit generated by CD will be distributed through Payroll & Investment Shares at 40% each. The remaining 20% stays in savings.

This will be a tax-season bonus, which will increase every single year for all the parties involved as a result of this savings system. For business owners in USA, this will be a great tax-relief system if you are an Investment Share holder. For non-business owners in the USA this is an added bonus to your tax return.

Expected Sales Pattern

Due to the nature of this game, selling by point packs opposed to direct sales, gives us more leverage in pre-calculations, and encourages players who really like the game, and plan on being long-term members to spend more, and save on the point-to-dollar value.

SynamicD will run weekly/monthly special events which will award points, based on participants, and will require points as an entry fee. This will also encourage long-term players to buy larger packs to save money.

Official Point Package Pricing Chart:

Points Value Point to Dollar
6 Points $8.49 1.40
10 Points $12.99 1.30
50 Points $59.99 1.20
100 Points $109.99 1.10
250 Points $249.99 1.00
500 Points $449.99 0.90
1000 Points $849.99 0.85

Official Release Item Pricing

Special Event Tickets: 1 Point
Booster Packs: 3 Points
Regular Starters: 10 Points
LE Starters: 16 Points
Booster Boxes: 30 Points
Booster Cases: 150 Points

Projected Income

Based on all facts, and ideas stated in the Expected Sales Pattern, Our Income Projection is based on our total registered members count. This count relates directly to advertisement, and is in fact a LOW estimation of what to expect.

Investment Shares

The value of our Investment Shares can be calculated based on the idea that your investment will be doubled in 4 years. This also means that after 2 years, investment becomes pure lifetime profit.

Based on 1000 members per year, a shareholder will gain approximately $437.72 per year, by the Expected Sales Pattern. This means that each SynamicD Investment Share is actually worth $875.44 each.

SynamicD is selling the first 5 shares for $600.00 each, the next 5 for $650.00 each, and the final 10 for $700.00 each. Please view the Investment Share Contract for details on share terms.